T-shirt REPLICA GP 20s | レプリカ GP 20s Tシャツ (Limited) 【ドゥカティ アパレル】

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T-shirt REPLICA GP 20s | レプリカ GP 20s Tシャツ (Limited) 【ドゥカティ アパレル】

価格 8647 円 (税込)


Enjoy all the thrill of MotoGp with a T-shirt, by Alpinestars, that faithfully reproduces the design of the official Ducati team. Bright racing red together with the sponsor and Corse team patches. The embroidered and printed details give the garment a touch of refinement, making it perfect for the excitement of the grandstands of a race circuit or to unleash all your Ducati passion in your free time.


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